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In this video, Dr. Ashish Jain discusses mommy makeover surgery. He explains who is a great candidate, what plastic surgeries are commonly included, and how to ensure a good outcome. Each procedure is customized to the patient's goals.

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[00:00:06.760] Mommy Makeover has become a popular term. [00:00:09.720] What we typically see in this office [00:00:12.160] in the patients that are done having their children, [00:00:15.720] or maybe not only done having their children, [00:00:18.880] but maybe the children are out of their home [00:00:21.240] and it's now time for them to do something for themselves. [00:00:25.160] The Mommy Makeover surgical procedures would be the breastwork, [00:00:30.600] whether that's a combination of a breast augmentation and a lift [00:00:34.040] or just a lift, [00:00:34.960] or just a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. [00:00:37.960] Other procedures that can enhance the Mommy Makeover [00:00:41.600] certainly can include the use of neurotoxins [00:00:46.600] such as Botox for small wrinkles around the eyes [00:00:51.200] and fillers around the mouth, [00:00:54.800] other things that go with the aging or as life goes along. [00:01:01.280] The best candidates for Mommy Makeover are those that have their BMI in check [00:01:07.680] and are exercising regularly [00:01:11.680] and have a little bit of fat and extra skin [00:01:16.040] that just won't go away on their own. [00:01:18.400] Also, the other candidates that are really good candidates [00:01:21.320] would be the patients [00:01:22.800] that have had enlargement of their breasts with pregnancy [00:01:27.760] and then have postpartum, what we call postpartum [00:01:30.880] or after-pregnancy atrophy of the breast tissue, [00:01:33.880] which can result in a deflated breast [00:01:37.520] and maybe the breast has a little bit of a droop to it. [00:01:40.880] So patients that have taken good care of themselves, [00:01:44.040] don't smoke, [00:01:45.280] don't have any other what we consider bad habits [00:01:48.800] or other things that can affect the vascular system, no vaping, [00:01:54.120] those are good combinations for a good outcome [00:01:58.840] and good candidacy for surgery. [00:02:01.160] The Mommy Makeover procedures can be lengthy procedures. [00:02:04.360] There is time that we allot [00:02:06.800] for preoperative monitoring and getting things ready, [00:02:12.040] prep work before surgery, then the surgery itself, [00:02:15.760] and then the recovery thereafter. [00:02:18.200] So breast surgeries, the whole process, [00:02:21.880] maybe three or four hours, tummy surgeries, [00:02:25.120] depending on the patient, [00:02:26.440] whether the size of the patient and the fitness of the patient, [00:02:33.360] the belly part of the surgery can be —including prep time and recovery time— [00:02:38.960] can be four, or five, or six hours. [00:02:42.520] With Mommy Makeover, [00:02:43.760] if we are able to do the breast operation and the belly operation at the same time, [00:02:49.000] the recovery really comes from the belly part of the surgery. [00:02:52.760] If we've had to do some work to get the muscle back together, [00:02:57.160] the recovery is going to be really two weeks. [00:03:00.480] Depends on what we're talking about recovering to. [00:03:03.200] So recovering to the point [00:03:05.000] to where exercise is back into your daily routine, [00:03:09.120] that's probably going to be closer to four or six weeks. [00:03:12.440] Surgical treatments would be those that are like breast lift, [00:03:17.000] breast augmentation, or a combination of the two, [00:03:20.000] tummy tuck, liposuction, [00:03:22.000] all of those procedures and capabilities are here. [00:03:26.480] We also have quite a number of laser treatments [00:03:30.680] that we can do at similar settings, [00:03:33.040] for instance, when patients are asleep, [00:03:35.480] to have a procedure done on a particular part of the body. [00:03:39.440] We may also take advantage of that anesthetic, [00:03:42.480] and while they're asleep, maybe do a laser treatment on the face, [00:03:46.680] maybe do fillers that would otherwise be uncomfortable [00:03:51.800] or hurt in the patient that's not under anesthesia.

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