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Dr. Ashish Jain discusses the different types of breast enhancement surgery, who is a candidate, and the types of implants. Our office always discusses your options in detail. We are serious about patient education.

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[00:00:03.080] We do a lot of breast surgery at this facility, [00:00:09.320] whether it's breast reconstruction in the breast cancer patient [00:00:13.280] or enhancement procedures on the breast. [00:00:16.560] And I like to call these breast enhancement procedures [00:00:19.000] because even though we want to think of them as [00:00:23.560] a breast augmentation or a boob job, they are procedures that we're using [00:00:31.040] to enhance the patient and enhance the appearance of the patient, [00:00:35.160] the confidence of the patient, [00:00:36.640] and how the patient feels about how they look. [00:00:39.920] We are a very breast oriented society and breast augmentation procedures [00:00:44.840] or breast enhancement procedures [00:00:47.840] are popular and they're common in every practice. [00:00:52.040] In determining the good candidate for breast enhancement surgery [00:00:57.160] starts with being a good candidate for anesthesia in general. [00:01:02.040] Patients will have a wide array of anatomy, [00:01:06.800] whether it's the breast that is on the droopy side, [00:01:12.520] or maybe one breast is large [00:01:16.000] and the other breast is not fully developed, [00:01:18.880] or whether the patients [00:01:21.200] may not have really had enough breast volume [00:01:25.360] to fill in their swimwear, to fill in their evening wear [00:01:29.160] and give them confidence in their swimwear and evening wear. [00:01:33.080] Those would really be the best candidates for that procedure, [00:01:37.880] those patients in which we can make a positive outcome in those areas. [00:01:43.480] This office has access to every FDA approved breast implant in this country, [00:01:49.200] whether it's a saline breast implant with a silicone shell, [00:01:53.680] or a silicone implant, whether it's the newest generation [00:01:58.520] or some of the previous generation. [00:02:03.920] We also have access to the different shells on the implants [00:02:08.120] and we make those decisions very carefully with the patient [00:02:11.720] as to what the proper implant material is and what the proper implant shell is. [00:02:18.400] We always recommend that patients undergo as much education as they can, [00:02:25.000] not only about the type of implants that a practice has access to, [00:02:32.080] but also a full complement of procedures that a patient has access to. [00:02:36.240] We need to have confidence [00:02:38.080] that that surgeon does enough breast surgery [00:02:41.960] to understand what his own or her own shortcomings might be. [00:02:47.280] In this office, we have full discussion regarding [00:02:51.160] what we can use as an outcome measure [00:02:53.560] and what we don't use as an outcome measure. [00:02:57.200] For example, patients often come in and say, [00:02:59.880] "I want to be a C cup or I want to be a D cup." [00:03:03.920] In this office, we don't use cup size as a gauge for success. [00:03:10.680] There is no standardization in cup sizes, [00:03:12.960] and so that's not a great gauge for success. [00:03:15.800] And in looking for success in our patients, [00:03:18.520] we start with using a tight garment and stuffing the brassiere [00:03:26.200] with different size implants and having the patients look in the mirror [00:03:30.200] and feel and understand what they like or dislike about that volume. [00:03:38.040] You really have to have capabilities, as a surgeon, [00:03:44.160] to be on the same wavelength [00:03:47.280] or the same page as the patient as to what they want as an outcome. [00:03:52.160] All of that comes into selecting the right surgeon, [00:03:56.840] is one that would work with you as a patient [00:04:00.840] on helping determine what the proper implant is [00:04:04.400] and what the proper implant volume is. [00:04:06.680] The length of the procedure for breast augmentation [00:04:09.440] for the typical breast augmentation [00:04:12.280] is one of the shorter operations that is done. [00:04:15.560] There is some prep time ahead of time, [00:04:18.000] there is some recovery time there after, the surgical time [inaudible 00:04:21]. [00:04:23.880] The actual surgery time is typically inside an hour. [00:04:28.280] Recovery from breast augmentation, again, [00:04:30.880] depends upon what we're trying to recover to. [00:04:34.000] From a pain standpoint, very doable. [00:04:37.320] A couple of days of the stronger pain medications, if those, [00:04:42.400] and then back to work in four or five days.

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