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In this plastic surgery patient testimonial, Vicki explains her experience at Columbus Jain Plastic Surgery. She has been a patient of Dr. Jain's for 11 years. Vicki says she has always had a wonderful experience.

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[00:00:03.080] I've been coming to see Dr. Jain for 11 years. [00:00:09.320] I was just looking to improve how I looked. [00:00:13.680] I didn't want to look like a totally different person, [00:00:16.360] but I just wanted to enhance and have more confidence in how I looked. [00:00:23.200] From the time I walked in, [00:00:24.920] the entire experience, it was just amazing. [00:00:28.000] These people have such compassion. [00:00:29.880] They're so kind. [00:00:30.960] Dr. Jain is just an incredible person. [00:00:35.760] He makes you feel at ease and you know you're in good hands. [00:00:41.000] The results from the surgeries I've had with Dr. Jain [00:00:44.560] have just given me more confidence. [00:00:47.600] I felt better about myself. [00:00:50.080] What was so comfortable about it was Dr. Jain's manner. [00:00:53.680] He just cares so much. [00:00:55.120] He really cares. [00:00:55.960] This is something that he doesn't just do us a job. [00:00:59.600] This is a passion, I think, of his. [00:01:01.760] It shows in the results and how he is with his patients. [00:01:07.000] I appreciate them. [00:01:08.920] I value the kindness and the friendship even [00:01:13.600] that I've been shown. [00:01:14.960] I can't begin to thank them enough [00:01:17.640] for all the positive and wonderful experiences I've had here.

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"This doctor has made my breast cancer journey a lot easier. Dr Jain is very professional, informative and always takes his time to listen to his patients. He has a wonderful and caring staff as well. I am very satisfied with his work and will recommend him to anyone."

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