In this video, Dr. Ashish Jain discusses the facelift procedure. He ensures that every patient who comes in for a facelift receives the results they desire. His modern techniques can provide natural-looking rejuvenation.

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[00:00:03.240] Facelift procedures are very common procedures. [00:00:10.640] When patients come in for a facelift, [00:00:13.560] I think what they're after is facial rejuvenation. [00:00:17.160] I like to refer to facelift procedures more as facial rejuvenation procedures. [00:00:22.960] Facial rejuvenation can begin with taking care [00:00:26.680] of what's in the central neck and the jowls [00:00:30.080] in the form of elevating the lower face. [00:00:33.720] And equally important is the upper face and the mid-face. [00:00:37.640] Whether that's a combination of the brow lift, [00:00:40.440] upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or doing something reasonably simple, [00:00:48.040] like Botox and fillers for the central face. [00:00:52.200] Friends and patients often ask, [00:00:54.520] "Am I ready for a facelift or do I need a facelift?" [00:00:58.440] Facial rejuvenation procedures are very elective procedures. [00:01:02.400] So, no one really needs to have one until they're ready themselves. [00:01:07.120] And most often what I hear from patients is, [00:01:12.280] "Dr. Jain, I feel like I'm 30, but when I look in the mirror, I'm 60. [00:01:18.960] So, can you help with these features [00:01:22.400] that when my friends ask me why do I look so tired today, [00:01:26.920] but I don't feel tired." [00:01:30.200] Those are the types of things that we want to address with facial rejuvenation. [00:01:36.400] Facelift operations can be lengthy. [00:01:39.400] If we're talking about a full facial rejuvenation procedure, [00:01:43.480] including the prep work and the recovery while in the facility, [00:01:50.680] I'd like to think of it as an all-day event. [00:01:53.760] When I'm asked about recovery from facial rejuvenation surgery, [00:01:57.280] my question is, "What are we trying to recover to?" [00:01:59.920] So, certainly for the first week after surgery, the eyes can swell shut, [00:02:05.520] the patient needs to have adequate support for that. [00:02:09.360] After about 10 days, we can start removing some sutures, [00:02:13.760] after about two weeks, patients can start applying makeup. [00:02:18.720] It will really be a month to six weeks [00:02:21.880] before patients are comfortable with their new look [00:02:25.800] or they're feeling like they can adjust to their new look [00:02:30.040] and feel comfortable enough going out in public. [00:02:33.640] Facial rejuvenation surgery is very, very gratifying for this practice. [00:02:39.080] Patients come in with something specific in mind, [00:02:42.880] and together, we work to understand if those goals are achievable. [00:02:48.880] Certainly the surgeon needs to have confidence [00:02:52.840] that the goals are achievable for the patient. [00:02:56.400] And we need to be on the same page as to what the outcomes look like.

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