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In this video, Dr. Ashish Jain explains why he chose to become a cosmetic surgeon. His favorite part of the job is seeing his patients feel better about themselves. Reach out today if you would like to discuss your cosmetic goals with Dr. Jain.

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[00:00:03.200] Making the decision for your career is not easy. [00:00:11.040] So I have my boards in general surgery, have full general surgery training. [00:00:17.280] Like many students, we want to do everything that we're exposed to, [00:00:22.600] plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in particular, is a unique field. [00:00:28.760] We deal with patients that are not necessarily sick. [00:00:32.000] In fact, our patients are well and they are willing to get sick [00:00:35.960] for a short period of time in order to get to a better place in their lives. [00:00:41.320] We are able to help other physicians and other surgeons [00:00:45.240] solve problems that involve other disease processes [00:00:50.280] and that involve almost every part of the body. [00:00:53.880] My favorite part of being a cosmetic surgeon [00:00:56.440] is being able to achieve what I and the patient had set out to achieve. [00:01:03.200] From the moment that they come in and we're able to examine the patient, [00:01:07.160] patients able to examine themselves with us looking in a mirror [00:01:10.640] and we architect an operation to best reach those goals. [00:01:14.920] And then we were able to reach those goals, [00:01:17.280] seeing that happy patient is nothing better than that in our profession. [00:01:20.880] Every specialty has its fun parts. [00:01:24.440] I think the most fun part of my practice is the patient [00:01:29.120] and the outcome potentials when we reach them. [00:01:32.520] Trying to understand why a patient has come into the office for cosmetic surgery [00:01:38.000] is really only half of the equation. [00:01:42.120] The other is being able to deliver that [00:01:44.240] and then seeing a well patient get to a better part in their lives [00:01:49.840] is really what drives the plastic surgeon and it certainly drives me.

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