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Welcome to Dr. Ashish K. Jain's plastic surgery center. Our office values safety, honesty, and integrity. We provide patients with the best care possible.

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[00:00:03.200] Since 1998, Dr. Jain has provided outstanding plastic surgery care [00:00:10.840] at Columbus Plastic Surgery and they are proud to offer [00:00:13.960] Georgia's first AAHC accredited outpatient surgery center. [00:00:19.560] The highly skilled professional staff is dedicated to making sure [00:00:22.920] your experience with them exceeds expectations. [00:00:26.440] From your initial visit to your post operative care, [00:00:29.400] you can count on their team of medical professionals [00:00:31.800] and medical support staff to be with you every step of the way. [00:00:36.640] There are many reasons why a patient might be interested in cosmetic surgery. [00:00:41.480] We want to leave the patient in a much better place [00:00:44.880] that means more confidence in themselves through how they appear, [00:00:51.280] more confidence in themselves, through how they feel. [00:00:55.040] If we're able to achieve both of those, [00:00:58.200] then we've done very well with cosmetic surgery. [00:01:01.960] It's not easy for one to make the decision to come to see a cosmetic surgeon. [00:01:07.800] When they have made that decision, [00:01:09.280] they have something in mind as to how the process should go. [00:01:12.640] From the time that they make the phone call [00:01:14.800] to achieving an appointment and showing up for their appointment [00:01:19.160] should all be done timely. [00:01:20.920] It should all be done with clarity. [00:01:23.480] Patient safety is their number 1 concern. [00:01:26.280] The Cosmetic Surgery Center is fully equipped with operating suites [00:01:29.960] containing the most up-to-date medical equipment available. [00:01:33.320] On consultation day, the patient will be seen [00:01:36.440] by one of our cosmetic consultants and when it's timed by the physician, [00:01:41.640] they'll have an examination of the problem at hand, [00:01:46.760] and a good discussion regarding outcome [00:01:49.800] and what outcome looks like to the best that we can predict it, [00:01:53.520] as well as risks of the procedures that we discuss. [00:01:56.920] There'll also be a discussion regarding the finances, [00:02:00.520] what the cost will be and a breakdown of what those costs go towards. [00:02:06.320] The core values of this practice are a focus on safety, honesty, and integrity. [00:02:13.000] If we are not able to offer a result in a very honest way, [00:02:18.200] in a very safe way, then we really should not be doing it. [00:02:22.360] I am a PACU registered nurse here. [00:02:25.560] I greet and get our patients ready for surgery on the day of surgery [00:02:29.640] and I also recover them after their procedure [00:02:33.000] and make sure that they're safe and ready to go home. [00:02:35.480] There is no one part of our staff [00:02:36.880] that's any more or less important than the other part. [00:02:39.920] We ask a lot of our staff and fortunately, [00:02:42.640] we have wonderful staff that the patients can have confidence in. [00:02:47.160] When you choose Columbus Plastic Surgery, [00:02:49.440] you can rest assured that you are in good hands. [00:02:52.600] Their compassionate team of specially trained doctors [00:02:55.440] strives to provide each patient with the utmost care. [00:02:59.440] To schedule a consultation, [00:03:01.440] contact them online or give them a call today.

Dr. Jain of Columbus Plastic Surgery

Columbus Plastic Surgery

When you choose Columbus Plastic Surgery, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Our compassionate team of specially trained doctors strives to provide each patient with the utmost care. Our doctors are professionally affiliated with nationally recognized organizations including:

  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

To schedule a consultation at our Columbus, GA, office serving the needs of local patients and those in the surrounding communities of LaGrange and Auburn, contact us online or call (706) 322-9313 today.

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"This doctor has made my breast cancer journey a lot easier. Dr Jain is very professional, informative and always takes his time to listen to his patients. He has a wonderful and caring staff as well. I am very satisfied with his work and will recommend him to anyone."

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