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In this video, our esthetician discusses the different types of skin treatment options we offer at Columbus Jain Plastic Surgery. We offer various products and treatments for anti-aging, fat reduction, and more beautiful skin. During a consultation, we can recommend the right treatments to meet your goals.

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[00:00:03.120] Hi, my name is Truby Tillery. [00:00:08.200] I'm an esthetician. [00:00:09.360] My job here is mainly to do good skin care. [00:00:14.440] We have several ways we can do that. [00:00:17.160] Not only do we have great products such as Obagi, [00:00:21.240] but we also have various lasers [00:00:24.760] as well as our hydro facial machine, cool sculpting. [00:00:29.800] Each of those are a great source for anti-aging. [00:00:35.160] Particularly, we have the Scitone laser. [00:00:38.280] It can do anything from laser hair removal [00:00:41.000] to regenerate collagen [00:00:45.400] as well as get rid of vascular lesions [00:00:49.400] as well as pigmented lesions. [00:00:51.840] We also have a hydro facial. [00:00:55.220] Hydro facial is great to promote collagen, [00:00:58.200] just clean out the pores, [00:01:00.720] just make your face nice and glowing. [00:01:03.720] Then we have the cool sculpting. [00:01:05.520] Of course, that is fat reduction [00:01:07.600] and it is permanent fat reduction. [00:01:10.720] We have great success with that. [00:01:12.960] All the patients really love it. [00:01:15.280] There's just so many things you can do [00:01:17.920] for anti-aging other than plastic surgery itself. [00:01:22.600] It's a very good adjunct to plastic surgery. [00:01:27.000] Everything starts, though, with good skincare first.

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