A Brazilian Butt Lift Can Give You a Fuller, Curvier Backside

If you are looking for a way to improve the appearance of your buttocks and achieve a fuller, more voluptuous figure, a Brazilian butt lift may be the solution for you. Columbus Jain Plastic Surgery performs highly precise and individualized Brazilian butt lift procedures at their Columbus, GA, practice. Dr. Ashish K. Jain , can help you achieve your dream figure through innovative procedures like this using the most advanced techniques to provide safe, effective treatment.

Understanding the Procedure

A Brazilian butt lift is a specialized procedure that uses your own fat to enhance the shape and size of your buttocks. This lift technique takes fat that has been removed during liposuction and specially treats it to ensure only the best and healthiest cells are used for grafting. We will then safely insert this fat into specific locations in your buttock area and hips for a fuller figure. Our office specializes in this treatment, providing you with safe and exceptional benefits from our expertise.

Woman's buttocks after a Brazilian butt lift.
A butt lift can help you achieve the voluptuous figure you have always wanted.

Candidates for Treatment

Patients who are dissatisfied with the shape, size, or perkiness of their buttocks often make ideal candidates for a Brazilian butt lift. However, since the procedure uses your own fat, you must have enough excess fat to harvest. If you do not qualify, other surgical treatments may be better for your needs. 

In general, candidates for Brazilian butt lift:

  • Do not smoke (or are willing to take an extended break from smoking)
  • Are in good overall health
  • Have reasonable expectations for what the surgery can deliver
  • Are undergoing the procedure for personal goals and not for other people
  • Want to add volume to their backside
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a stable body weight
  • Do not have sagging skin that needs correction through a traditional butt lift
  • Have excess pockets of fat that can be transferred to the buttocks
  • Do not want implants

We will conduct a thorough examination and consultation to make absolutely certain that a Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective way to help you achieve your goals.

Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift

Both a traditional butt lift and Brazilian butt lift can deliver a curvier and perkier backside. A Brazilian butt lift delivers two unique benefits that a traditional butt lift cannot:

  • More volume: While a traditional butt lift enhances the buttocks by selectively removing tissue, a Brazilian butt lift injects fat from elsewhere in the body. The results can significantly improve the size and prominence of your backside.
  • Body contouring: One of our skilled doctors will remove excess fat from another part of your body (typically your thighs or abdomen) before injecting the fat cells into your backside. By removing unwanted pockets of fat, you can benefit from a more toned physique while enhancing your buttocks.

Patients who undergo a Brazilian butt lift benefit from:

  • A customizable procedure
  • Long-lasting results
  • Boosted self-esteem
  • Minimal scarring

In many ways, this procedure is more than an enhancement of two areas of your body. Dr. Jain will take care during fat extraction and grafting to make certain the results of both stages of treatment complement each other to give you not only a more voluptuous rear, but also a more striking figure from head to toe. Your enhanced shape can add an entirely new dimension of fun when it comes to your wardrobe and spending time at the pool or the beach.

Procedure Outline

Your procedure will take place at our accredited ambulatory surgery center. Brazilian butt lift surgery involves three primary steps:

  • Fat extraction
  • Fat purification
  • Fat injection

We will provide general anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the surgery. The areas where the fat will be extracted and subsequently grafted will be outlined with a surgical marker. Any incisions that are made will be small (usually only a few millimeters in length). Some incisions can be hidden in the creases of the buttocks.

Tumescent fluid will be injected into the areas of fat that will undergo liposuction and a lesser amount will be injected at the recipient sites. This step places two types of medication in the body to numb the treatment areas and minimize bruising and bleeding.

Dr. Jain will begin by harvesting fat through liposuction. This fat is then purified to isolate the best cells. By isolating the healthier fat cells, we can reduce the amount of fat that is resorbed by the body. The purified fat is then injected into your buttocks. These injections will be placed at varying depths and locations to ensure the best possible shape and volume for your figure. 

Patient at the beach after BBL surgery

What to Expect after Surgery

You will be released to return home and recover the same day as your procedure. Most patients experience minimal pain, which can be controlled with pain medication. You will typically require two or more weeks off from work for recovery. You will wear a special compression garment to help reduce swelling and to help your skin adjust to your new features.

Once inflammation has subsided, you can enjoy a rounder, perkier, and more pronounced figure.

In order to prevent your body from reabsorbing the fat, you will need to sleep and sit in adapted positions to reduce pressure on your buttocks. We will explain all aspects of your recovery during your consultation. One of our skilled doctors will advise you on when you can begin sitting again. Even then, a “donut” seat or pillow should be used to avoid putting excess pressure on your buttocks. Failure to follow this important step could result in discomfort and possible compromised cosmetic results.

You may begin to see results immediately after your procedure but will not see your full effects for eight or more weeks as swelling decreases. Once inflammation has subsided, you can enjoy a rounder, perkier, and more pronounced figure. As an added benefit, a Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat, so you can achieve more toned, enhanced contours that add contrast and enhance your fuller buttocks.

The cosmetic results of your surgery can typically be fully enjoyed around six months after surgery.

Schedule Your Consultation

A Brazilian butt lift can help you achieve the voluptuous figure you have always wanted. After you have fully recovered, you will begin noticing that your curvier buttocks give you a completely new look.  Contact our office today to experience our superior care and begin planning your Brazilian butt lift treatment. Our doctors are ready to deliver long-lasting and rewarding cosmetic results.

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