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The eyes are the windows to the soul. Unfortunately, they are sometimes obscured by sagging, bagginess, and other cosmetic concerns.

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is performed to correct a variety of imperfections that detract from the eyelids.

A customized blepharoplasty by our plastic surgeons in Columbus, GA, can tighten the skin around your eyes for a younger-looking appearance.

Columbus Plastic Surgery, P.C. Has Vast Expertise Performing Eyelid Procedures

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Our Doctors have been performing this plastic surgery procedure for 25 years and they complete about 15 eyelid surgeries annually. By averaging more than one blepharoplasty every month for decades, Dr. Jain and Dr. Anderson have finely honed their ability to customize this in-demand surgery.

When performing a blepharoplasty, our doctors utilize specialized techniques to increase the efficacy of the procedure. They also precisely place their incisions in areas that help to minimize any visible scarring. 

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A blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. Together with Dr. Jain or Dr. Anderson, you can determine the extent of your procedure. With his guided expertise, you can plan customized cosmetic eye surgery to address your unique concerns.

During a visit to our practice, he will discuss your options, as well as the issues you wish to address, and will explain the surgical approaches that can best accomplish your goals. He will empower you to take charge of your eyelid enhancement, allowing you to reach a decision you both feel wholly confident in. Do you live in La Grange, Auburn, or nearby? To receive personalized excess skin elimination on your upper lid, lower eyelid, or both, reach out to our Columbus plastic surgery office today.

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"I give him five stars and more!!!" ​Columbus, GA, Leaves Us Great Reviews


Michael Caforio

Columbus, GA


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I loved Dr Jain! It was my time seeing him and it was a very satisfying visit! Dr Jain took his time with me, never hurried my visit! He was very honest and caring and explained everything to me in a way that made me very comfortable and gave me the answers and peace I was looking for! I would highly recommend Dr Jain! I give him five stars and more!!!

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Micah Riley

Columbus, GA


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Dr.Anderson & Dr. Jain are world class surgeons! Professional, critical, caring, honest, and worth the expense. The Staff is great!!

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Paying for Blepharoplasty

The cost of a blepharoplasty at our practice is personalized to each patient's needs. That being said, we charge what is considered a mid-range price for this transformative procedure. Here is some key information on paying for this plastic surgery:


Cosmetic surgical procedures are not covered by insurance. That being said, you may be able to receive insurance coverage for an upper eyelid surgery performed for medical reasons, such as an improvement of your vision. 


Since his procedures are typically paid for out-of-pocket, our surgeon accepts various financing options to make his plastic surgeries more affordable. These include CareCredit®, Prosper®, and United Medical®. 

The Blepharoplasty Procedure


If you are receiving just a lower or upper eyelid surgery, our doctors can easily complete the procedure with just local anesthesia. If you are receiving surgery on both eyelids, or have more complex needs, he can have general anesthesia administered to ensure you are unconscious.

Upper Eyelid

If you receive surgery on your upper lid, the incision will typically be made in the crease of the eye, and the size and exact location will depend on the issues you are correcting. During this relatively quick procedure, our surgeon removes excess skin and tissue to improve your appearance.

Lower Eyelid

For a lower eyelid surgery, the incision will be placed just below the lash line. Our doctors will then gently pull the skin tight, removing excess tissue and fat before expertly rearranging the skin and suturing your incisions closed.

Blepharoplasty Recovery

You will return home the same day as your procedure, and we will provide you with full aftercare instructions. You will typically require about one week of downtime to allow swelling and inflammation to subside. Your eyes may appear bloodshot and swollen, especially in the days immediately following surgery. One potential blepharoplasty side effect is dry eyes. Dry eyes can be mitigated by using special eye drops recommended by Dr. Jain.

While your eyes are healing, it is important to not wear makeup or contact lenses. Dr. Jain will let you know during your follow-up appointment at our Columbus office when you can begin wearing cosmetics and corrective lenses again.

"I am extremely impressed with the knowledge,  kindness, honesty, and friendliness."


Ciji Sabo

Columbus, GA


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Dr. Jain and his staff are absolutely wonderful. Not only have I been very happy with my results, I am extremely impressed with the knowledge, kindness, honesty, and friendliest of the staff. I am always met with warmth and smiles, and they have efficiency down to a T. Dr. Jain is professional, personable, and talented. I dread my relocation next year, as I know I will never find a similar experience anywhere else!

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Angie Rowe

Columbus, GA


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From the moment I walked in the front door I was very impressed with the entire staff...from the smiling face from the receptionist to the nurses and insurance ladies! They make you feel at ease and comfortable during the entire process. Dr. Jain is an amazing surgeon and I highly recommend this practice!

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When you choose Columbus Plastic Surgery, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Our compassionate team of specially trained doctors strives to provide each patient with the utmost care. Our doctors are professionally affiliated with nationally recognized organizations including:

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"This doctor has made my breast cancer journey a lot easier. Dr Jain is very professional, informative and always takes his time to listen to his patients. He has a wonderful and caring staff as well. I am very satisfied with his work and will recommend him to anyone."

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